Ideas to Enjoy a Family Summer

Ideas to Enjoy a Family Summer

Summer vacation leaves us much time ahead. We can use these weeks to plan activities that children enjoy guests. Here are some suggestions very refreshing.

Daily Routine
You have to make a cut between the school stage and holidays. It is, therefore, important to set a different pace in the activities of everyday life. But how to do it?

Organize the party at the beach or pool, the favorite activities of children.

Convert ‘silly time’ noon in a room for imagination. We can use this time to build a city of clay, design a new wardrobe for dolls.

Share daily with our children something we like at all, although it has to be after leaving work and pick them up after the urban camp. It is breaking with the day to day of winter.

Weekly Program
Established and routine, it’s time to skip the script occasionally or at least the weekend. We can choose activities that do not occupy more than three hours.

Eating ice cream or cotton candy. The key is to do something very unusual and like all.

Go to the movies at summer. Outdoor, with homemade popcorn. An unforgettable moment.

It nighter on a terrace with our friends. We love to see us relaxed and laughing, without haste to leave, while they play with other children.

Visit museums. Now there is more time and they are rested. It is the good time to provide the unique art with a guide for children.

Exit the zoo. We can find out if our city zoo supports night visits or if any of your favorite singers playing nearby. It will be a milestone that will remember until the next year.

Monthly Plan
There are other activities that we include in the summer agenda. We need half a day or a whole day to enjoy, but we have to plan some, at least once a month.

Fair held to a nearby town. There are usually children and dance attractions. Also, it puts them in touch with popular culture. If you do not like the hustle, we must be ready to go.

Fun at a Water Park

Often it becomes a classic favorite every summer:
Sliding parents and children together for big slides. They enjoy them after three years, although this age will not hold the whole day.

A quiet activity for all ages. It serves the Buen Retiro Park, the boat excursions organized grandparent or an agency adventure.

Escape to the Mountain
The small end up asleep on the way home from climbing the mountain, eating an omelet in the countryside, bathing in the river, swinging on ropes tied between two trees.

Overnight Camping
From the three years they can enjoy a family camping trip. They will have fun with big swings, pool and camping activities, but more fun for them will pitch the tent and spend the night together, in the light of lanterns.

We have many options to disconnect family. All go through a few days of home leave. The illusion begins and before leaving, to prepare the family trip.

Choose the Destination
Beach, mountain or theme park. If you need to rest, a place where nature is the best option. If we like to move, the city and the theme park are the best alternatives.

Prepare the Trip Together
We can research on the internet alternative, print maps of the area, make a list of what we need. Entertainment for everyone.

Excursions for Children
Once at the destination, we can find a fun activity for our kids and age – appropriate. Before six years, for example, do not fully enjoy the theme parks: it ‘s hot, you have to walk a lot and get tired. And above all, hitherto they do not appreciate the ‘magic’ of the attractions.

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