What is the Standard Weight Limit on Baby Swings?

What is the Standard Weight Limit on Baby Swings?

There are a lot of things to admit as you get ready for your new little one, and one of them is making sure that you have one of the best baby swing available. The gentle motion can help calm a baby down, and many new parents use them to help their babies get to sleep. Once your child gets close to 25 pounds, he is approaching the limit on the majority of baby swings, but for those first six to eight months of a baby’s life, a swing can be a real lifesaver. Here is the baby swing review that may help you to understand about a best swing for your baby.

While most baby swings top out about 25 pounds, one exception is the Graco brand, which holds children up to 30 Pounds, which can get you all the way to nine months. One issue that comes in a lot of Graco reviews is the weak motor, which has a tendency to burn out, which can render that slightly higher weight limit meaningless.

Another point to consider is the harness. When it comes to sleep safety, many reviewers recommend swings with a five-point harness. There are some (such as the Fisher Price Papasan swing) that come with a three-point harness. It is true that babies (especially younger ones) are unlikely to work themselves out of their swing, but if you are looking for a swing that will help your child sleep, you need the rest of mind to remember that your little one will be safely ensconced in the seat. You can adjust the harnesses so that your baby is comfortable, but you don’t want him going anywhere.

With all this in purpose, recognize that the best baby swings don’t have to cost $150 or more. Watch out for ones with “smart swing technology,” because that just means that the swing runs on a timer. This is not an issue for some babies, but if your little one needs a constant motion to stay asleep, that is something to avoid. Happy hunting!

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